Craig’s List Assault

As you may have noticed in an earlier post, we are selling some furniture on Craig’s List. Included in that onslaught of listings was a 5-peice bedroom set. It is real pine furniture – not particle board or other such nonsense – but real wood. Below is a transcript of the email conversation my wife had with one potential buyer. Keep in mind, we’re selling this furniture for a friend so we have no personal interest in the pieces.

His offer:

Would you accept $200 for the 5 piece set?
The Buyer

Our reply:

I am firm on the price. Dressers alone cost $300 +/- especially if they come with a matching mirror. These pieces aren’t made from particle board like IKEA, they are good sturdy pieces.

2 nightstands = $40 each
1 dresser (mirror included) = 150.00
trunk= $70

If you are still interested, call me at [insert number]
– The Seller

His response:

Used products do not have a inherent common value. The word “USED” means, you got stains on it or maybe a crack or two. The value that I deem correct has nothing to do with you perception or what you think is the right price. If you were not so insecure about the quality of your product, you would not have made that unintelligent IKEA analogy. For future reference, just say NO or do not respond to the e-mail.




Now I admit it is slightly possible to mis-read our reply and take it as being defensive but the Buyer’s response seems disproportionate to any interpritation of our email. Obviously, we did not bother to follow up on this but it did remind us not to answer emails with more than what was asked. We would answer the email with “Sorry, but we are firm on $300 at this time.” – next time.

One thought on “Craig’s List Assault

  1. People can be pretty ruthless on craigslist. I have had a few run ins with bargain seekers myself.

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