Corbin is sick

Last Thursday Corbin started coughing, but we thought it was just a cold and didn’t think much of it. That night, however, Corbin started coughing more often and he seemed uncomfortable. we were concerned that he was coming down with something right before we were going out of town, so Julia called to get an appointment with the doctor. Thankfully she was able to get him in by 9:45am. After just a few moments with the doctor he said that Corbin has bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis is an infection of the smaller breathing tubes of the lungs. It is almost always caused by a virus, most commonly the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The infection causes inflammation and swelling of the bronchioles, which in turn causes blockage of air flow through the lungs. In infants, however, the infection is more likely to lead to bronchiolitis. This is because their airways are smaller and are more easily blocked when infection and inflammation occur. RSV infection is most likely cause of bronchiolitis from October through March. The RSV is spread by contact with secretions from an infected person. It often spreads through families, day-care, and hospital wards. Careful hand washing can help prevent this. The American Academy of Pediatrics

Julia asked the doctor if we should still go on our trip and he said that it would be fine because there is nothing that can be done, we just have to wait it out. So we continued with our plans to go to Arizona.

By Sunday Corbin sounded bad and was very uncomfortable so we decided to go home early. By the time we reached Yuma, Corbin started crying non stop. We stopped in a Burger King parking lot and Julia called the nurse hotline and when she finally got through and spoke to a nurse who started asking a bunch of questions. By the end of the conversation she recommended we come in immediately. We told her we were still in Yuma, AZ and that we wouldn’t be back to San Diego for another 2 hours. She said that it would be fine and to come straight in. Thankfully by the end of my call, Corbin was in better spirits after being held by his dad and getting some formula.

We arrived at the doctor’s office around 5:45pm. We checked in and waited to be called. Once we were inside the nurse checked Corbin’s weight (15lbs 2oz), his heart rate (good), and oxygen (good). When the doctor came in she noticed his wheezing and told us she was going to give him a breathing treatment. Usually breathing treatments are given to infants with asthma, but on occasion it helps with infants with wheezing as well. She also gave us a machine and medicine to continue the breathing treatments at home. Hopefully after a week his wheezing will be 100% gone and so will his cough.

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  1. I hope he is doing better now. With our first we had some short-lived illnesses. It is tough not to worry, and it is better to be safe than sorry and take the little guy in. Sounds like you handled it great. Hope he’s feeling better.

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