Corbin is a year old

Corbin is a year old today…and what a great year it has been. He just started cruising, has 6 teeth, loves to walk when holding our hands, claps his hands and waves (sometimes), is still quite social and especially loves the attention from other children. We just love him dearly. He’s the sweetest and funniest baby…now toddler I suppose.

Enjoy the photos

3 thoughts on “Corbin is a year old

  1. Its funny but when we sent these photos to Costco for prints, Julia had to sign a waiver stating that she in fact was the owner of the pictures and had the right to reprint them. Apparently, they were too good/professional.

  2. Well, they are. =)

    I’ve had the same thing happen with a ‘chop of mine. Not to me personally, since the Photolab knows me – and that no-one else would have been Photoshopping anyone at work…

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