Corbin is 11 months old!

Corbin: energetic, funny, loving, curious, laughs and smiles constantly, makes friends easily, easy going, loves riding in the stroller and taking in the scenery, ridiculously picky about the consistency of his food, claps his hands, has five teeth, and gets frustrated when he rolls onto his tummy.

There are so many other fun things about Corbin that we love. He is truly a joy to be around.

7 thoughts on “Corbin is 11 months old!

  1. True, plus he loves being outside. So many things to see. He especially like to see airplanes. Whenever he hears one, he starts scanning the sky for it and gets a big grin when he finds it. You cn see him looking for it at the tail end of the Baby Fight Club video.

  2. I wonder what it would be like for these kids when they grow up…

    “… and here’s “800 pictures of me 5 years old looking at ‘Me at 3 years old’ who’s looking at my ‘Me at 11 Months’ ” (picture within a picture)

  3. *Another* blog post idea from yours truly?

    Actually it’s not a bad idea. My nephew (13 months) doesn’t quite get what a camera is about – but he loves seeing his picture on the monitor. =)

    The whole picture within a picture might make their brains explode though :(

  4. See. Good example here.

    These pictures ‘work’ because they’re:

    At the right time for an expression/action – a lot of pictures (not here) are of the neutral face, or +/- 3 seconds from when it should be taken.

    Composed (or at least cropped) so that he’s not perfectly centered – every. single. time.

    Actually in focus and not over/under exposed (well maybe a little bit – but nothing 2s in Photoshop won’t fix)

  5. Its funny but when we sent these photos to Costco for prints, Julia had to sign a waiver stating that she in fact was the owner of the pictures and had the right to reprint them. Apparently, they were too good/professional.

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