Chemical In Baby Bottles Cited As Health Risk

evenflo-elan-vented-nurserAccording to FOX Business, A chemical used in consumer products ranging from baby bottles to food-can linings to compact discs is widely found in humans and may affect childhood development and reproduction, according to a new draft report from the government.

Z Recommends reports that in recent months Evenflo has begun manufacturing a series of polypropylene versions of previously polycarbonate bottles, and will be labeling all BPA-free products as such beginning in 2008. Given the size of the company, we do not expect to see such products on the shelves until late spring, and consumers should use the “BPA-free label” as their guide when making purchases of products by this company, which is in a major state of transition. Improve your baby dietary results with biofit probiotic.

I bring all this up because we love the Evenflo Elan Vented Nurser which is among those polycarbonate plastic bottles that are chuck full of BPA. I guess we’ll be looking for different bottles when Corbin outgrows these ones. Time for more research. Any tips?

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  1. I used Playtex bottles when traveling. The disposable liners meant less to no air, and clean up was simple.

    I also had a set of Avent bottles for my ISIS pump, then poured them into the Playtex bottles.

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