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October 2, 2007

Chema Madoz Fot?grafo

I don’t remember how I found this but Chema Madoz is one very impressive artist. Unfortunately, his English is not so good.

Since quite sometime ago Chema Madoz comes up with silver ideas. With his work opens up unexpected spaces, forms of great strength, reaching us all, as it reminds us of something and forces us to unlimited reflexions.

Through his photographs we advance to understand strange things of forms and the circles which constantly are produced in nature.

During his trayectory we?ve been gifted with a huge making of doubts and has recreated among spaces not even reachable in dreams. In his expositions time after time are shown the placent after birth.Chema Madoz Fot?grafo

Bad translations aside, Chema Madoz does some very interesting things with photography. Using juxtaposition and optical tricks, he does with photography what M.C. Escher did with woodcuts, wood engravings, lithographs, linocuts and mezzotints.

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  • At 6:17 pm on October 2, 2007, Sirdar commented:

    He has some pretty neat pictures there. Very creative.

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    […] October: I don’t remember how I found this but Chema Madoz is one very impressive artist.[wow cool] […]

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