• What would Jesus eat 13.06.07

    A couple of weeks ago, a small handful of us went to lunch after church (as is our want) and had a good time fellowshipping and enjoying the out-of-doors. Nothing fancy here, just a quick walk drive over to the nearby Rubio’s (one of the benefits of having church in a movie theater). Now you […]

  • Dear Rubio’s 02.12.06

    I filled out one of those online surveys for Rubio’s today and thought I’d share what I wrote. One issue I have with Rubio’s (and this is true of all the Rubio’s I visit) is the problem with using customer names. While the idea is not an issue (I can remember my name better than […]

  • I finally did it 28.09.06

    After much build up and soul searching, I finally broke down and did it. I finally used the name of all names at Rubio’s. Several months ago (seems like years) I learned that Rubio’s can’t spell my name right…

  • Twentyy Three 29.07.06

    Another Rubio’s post (like I have anything else to talk about) In a related post I had said “A while back I discovered that the impersonal nature of being called by number wasn?t so bad, especially when dealing with Rubio?s Fresh Mexican Grill and their creative spelling techniques.” to which tommy replied “Next time just […]

  • Toast, Chipp and Meredith 25.07.06

    It’s been a while since my last Rubio’s post but a lot has happened. I figure if they can’t get my name right, I’ll try something a little more bold. And as promised I tried the very common name of Toast. Funny thing is, no one noticed. In fact they didn’t even question it. I […]

  • Klyad, your order is ready 28.06.06

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to Rubio’s and even longer since I’ve given them a faux name but this one really takes the cake.

  • Hello, my name is… 28.12.05

    If you’re a long time reader of mine (and who isn’t) then you may remember my whole issue with Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill. If not, catch up here. Basic recap, they call you by name when your order is ready. Problem is, they screw up my very simple name almost every time. So I started […]

  • Name Butcherers 15.11.04

    So the last few times I went to Rubio’s I just used my real name without any trouble. Today, I used Clyde which I was certain to see misspelled but Clide would be within reason. Clint on the other hand…what the heck is that all about? That’s not even close. Clint! Come on, now they […]

  • Rubio’s 18.09.04

    So I eat at Rubio’s a lot these days. That’s not such a big deal (unless you’re watching what you eat) Now Rubio’s is a fine restaurant. I like their food well enough and it’s not as ‘junky’ as some other places. I like their fish tacos and also the Burrito Especial (the combo comes […]

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