CaptCha! is back

Imagine my excitement to open my inbox and see 16 new comments to several different post made by several different people. WOW, I’m finally somebody – or so I thought. If you haven’t guessed by now, 15 of those comments were spam – and they weren’t all that creative. Just a bunch of random letters that linked to one site or another. As a result, I’ve decided to reinstate the CaptCha! plugin. Basically, you have to type in the randomly generated code before postinga comment. Most people on blogger or other blogging software are familiar with this kind of filter so I doubt it should cause too much hassle. If you would like to recommend an alternate solution for wordpress, feel free to share it. Until then, please bare with me.

A ‘Captcha’ is an image-test used to verify the remote user is a human and not a program (e.g. a spammer bot). Captcha! is a plugin that show a ‘challenge image’ (a deformed one) with an hexadecimal code at the end of the comments form. The user must read the image and enter that code for his/her comment to be approved. Users are given 3 chances to enter the valid code, and can ask for a new image-code if the current one is illegible.

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