Can you see my haircut

It’s well overdue but I finally got a haircut. Trying to schedule simple tasks like this are a lot more difficult when you have a child. I try to only run errands when Julia and Corbin are out. That way, I’m not taking away any time to relieve Julia from child care duties. She needs a break too, ya know.

So today, I was able to take care of some things that have been waiting for the right amount of free time. Yesterday, I went to my optometrists for new contact lenses and he suggested i try a new kind of lens. Since i have an astigmatism, I need special lenses to see clearly. Problem is, my current lenses are quite expensive and non-disposable. Which means I have to have them cleaned or replaced once a year. So I agreed to try a trial pair but they wouldn’t be available until this afternoon.

After picking up my trial lenses (wow! what a difference from my filthy old ones) I went and got my haircut. Again – wow! what a difference. Since I usually go a while between haircuts anyway, I was exceptionally shaggy. Now, I look a little more respectable, or at least less-street-bum. In fact, I now have a look to die for. And I feel much lighter.

BTW – that’s Shirley Bassey (think James Bond theme song fame) singing “Light My Fire” just before Johnny Nash performs his hit, “I Can See Clearly Now” and then follows with “What A Wonderful World This Would Be” written by the late great Sam Cooke.

3 thoughts on “Can you see my haircut

  1. Awwwww…you are most assuredly a contender for “Daddy of the Year” for that. Not many fathers think beyond providing diaper money for the hard-working mothers.

    Congratulations on the new ‘do.

    How’s about an actual pic of the haircut instead of getting an AFD styled picture?

    Personally, the only other person I liked doing that song was well, Robby Krieger.

  2. Me too, but in my case it actually has(I generally get between 12 and 30 inches cut off and donate it to Locks for Love), because it’s very long, and thick stranded. I’m about to do it again soon.

    My brother is in discussion with his employers on growing his out for that reason.

    Neither of us can give blood, so this is the next best thing.

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