So another lapse in posting has occurred and my many readers (both of them) have been hounding me for an update. The Ministry has been going strong but other responsibilities have kept me from posting lately. First, we finally broke our running streak. We started in January of 2003 and have not missed a week since we started, that is until now. We missed Thanksgiving so that we could all spend time with our families. This didn’t concern us much as that’s one day out of the year we knew we could count on others to feed the homeless. Unfortunately, we also missed the previous week because of a church function (our own Thanksgiving dinner needed the kitchen that night).But all is not lost. We triumphantly returned to the trenches last week and are eagerly awaiting to serve the homeless again tonight. As always, and especially now that the weather has turned, we need socks for our ministry. We gave out some old blankets and sheets last week (Jim even gave the shirt off his back – literally) and we have a few more to give out tonight but there are a lot of people out there who could use more than a warm burrito. So if you can, please donate money, supplies and blankets to your local charity.

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