BoC 3

Yep, I got another Bag of Crap from But before I get to the celebrated opening of the famous Random Bag of Crap, I want to share a couple of tips to help you deal with the anticipation of your very own BoC, should you ever get one yourself. After a woot-off (the source of a BoC) everyone gets anxious about what they get and when they’ll get it. As a result, people have found ways to get updates and additional details before they get official notification from I’m going to share a couple of those tips with you now.

Step one: Set up an account on FedEx so that you can utilize their My FedEx tracking. This is more detailed than your typical tracking and will be necessary for step two. Don’t worry about setting up this account. It’s free and easy to use. It will prompt you for billing information but you can just leave off the credit card info and submit anyway.

When you track through My FedEx using FedEx Advanced Tracking, you have immediate access to pertinent shipment information, as well as to details on the rest of your comprehensive FedEx activity. Track the status of your shipments, view and pay your FedEx bills online, and much more ? all from the My FedEx dashboard. Plus, if you are a FedEx InSight user, you can use your FedEx InSight login to easily monitor your inbound, outbound and third party shipments directly through FedEx Advanced Tracking

Step two: Track by Order Number. Go here: Leave the Account number blank, then enter your Order Number in the Reference field and your destination country and zip code in their respective fields. You should see your tracking information including a tracking number. Use this in your My FedEx tracking to keep all your orders together.

Now wait with bated breath and hope for a letter from threepeicewoot.

Now for the unveiling….

1 Gold’s Gym fitness tote
3 wine Woot bags
1 Apple iPod Lanyard Headphones for iPod nano 1G
1 Amcor AA1 Active Air Aroma Remedies
1 Disney Princess Scratch & Design – Fashion & Jewelry

I also got (3) Woot Caped Slingshot Superfly Monkey, but that was a separate order.

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