Bloggers are people too

I just met my first blog friend. Or rather, met a blog friend face-to-face – for the first time. In fact, she was a house guest of ours for the week. It was not what I expected but still a nice experience. Strange, I thought my first “blog meet” would be with a more local blogger, not someone from across the planet. At least she’s not from another planet.


In a related story, two radioactive assassins were dispatched to my home a couple of weeks ago courtesy of RaJ. One for me and one for the aforementioned blog friend/house guest. Luckily, I survived the attack thanks to my quick reflexes and wide screen LCD TV.

Wendy wasn’t so lucky. She did survive the monkey attack but I don’t think she lived through the world-wind activities we scheduled to keep her busy while we were away at work. You see, she is also a regular poster on our church forum so she was already part of our community. So we recruited the aide of some of the ladies who are home during the day to take her around and see the sites.

One of the ladies (and daughter) joined Wendy at Disneyland before she even made it to San Diego. Then others alternated between taking her to Sea World and the Zoo and Balboa Park and Museums. Plus she even made it to two home groups and a football party. Not bad for five days.

One thing I learned is that when a blog friend comes to visit, make sure you have a working internet account for them. We’re like junkies who need our blogging fix. Thank God for wireless connections.

3 thoughts on “Bloggers are people too

  1. It is cool to meet blog friends. We found out one of our neighbours in our subdivision was a blogger. Then, I found a few other local bloggers. My wife Dawn has met a couple of local bloggers and they seem to get along pretty well. I don’t know of any local male bloggers…and the female bloggers think it is weird that I would like to meet them. I guess I can see their point. That is why Dawn gets to meet them and I…don’t :-)

  2. I am said blog friend and house guest. But as for “not being from another planet”, well I never did say anything one way or another. Either way, this “alien” had a great time visiting the USA, and I would go through that long 14 hour space travel plane travel again anytime to be able to have that experience again.

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