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Have you considered using an archive feature on your site? I’ve attached narchives.php and with a little tweeking you can easily make an archive page like mine. It’s user-friendly and makes it easier for Search Engine Spiders to crawl your site. The install is really simple. Just copy the file to the root of your blog and create a link from your index.php. The tweeking comes from the different ways WP themes are designed, but it’s not too difficult to figure out.

Well, appearently it is difficult to figure out as I learned when trying to help my friend, Radioactive Jam, set up this very feature on his site. To create the archive, just save your theme’s ‘page.php’ as the theme-archive.php and replace the “content” portion with the attached file, leaving any header, footer, sidebar stuff as-is. I hope this makes sense and is as easy as I think it is. Let me know if it’s not and we’ll work it out. Download the aforementioned text.

It may be coincidence but…
My embedded Gallery2 install used to have low Google ranking. Search for Julia’s Gallery and we’d show up around #200, after I changed the “title” we moved up to around #150 but once I submitted my archives page to Google’s Sitemap, we became #6 – within 24 hours! Ultimately, “spiders” only go one or two links deep so having all pages within one or two clicks helps your ranking. But the real reason I’m pushing this is it would make it easier for ME to read up on some of your older posts :)

But maybe your like my friend and don’t care about your pagerank or S.E.O. but maybe you do care about being user-friendly.

I’m glad you explained that, seriously. To be honest I’ve not been
overly concerned about search engine hits, mostly because *whatever*
someone was looking for, my site’s version probably isn’t it. They might
end up interested or amused if they actually take the time to read but
who does that?

Someone (like you) who’s visiting on purpose – that’s a different story.
In this case I definitely want things easy and accessible. And *I’m* not
happy with the present “system” for getting around in older posts, but I
haven’t given much serious thought to improving it. So now I have
reasons, and that’s good.