Black is the new White

Now you can get your game on in Bad*ss mode.

Everyone’s favorite white colored game system that includes wireless controllers, online game play and internet connectivity – um, and is from Nintendo now offers the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in black. That’s right, you can now pretend to be a retro gamer with your very own black game controller and still proudly fly the Nintendo flag.

These new black controllers are genuine Nintendo issue so no more worries about third-party quality and support. Note this is not a skin but the actuall color of the controllers.

Black Wii Remote with Black Wii MotionPlus Bundle This Wii Remote comes with Wii MotionPlus, one Wii Remote Wrist strap, and two Wii Remote Jackets, one long and one short.

Black Wii Nunchuk Controller – sorry, no jacket.

5 thoughts on “Black is the new White

  1. I could have told you about that weeks ago.

    Did I mention how much I dislike the phrase “X is the new Y”? :P

    This year’s most popular games for the tree boxes:

    Cabela’s Big Game Hunter /w gun attachment (just a holder for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk) – not be confused with the (apparently) vomit-inducting Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures. Looks like almost the same game, but ADDS fishing and suddenly no-one wasn’t to buy it…

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii: The first Mario game that lets you play with 4 players! (unless you count Mario Partys 1-8, Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, most of the Mario Sports games….)

  2. Adonis is the new Adonis!

    You knew about this weeks ago and didn’t tell me?! That means I could have updated my wish list in time to actually get the much coveted black controllers [because I am that shallow]

    Not familiar with the Cabela games but I know what you mean about the Mario games.

  3. Adonis is the new Adonis!

    That snowclone doesn’t even make sense…

    Ya, a month ago we got a big facing of the old white ones, which automatically made me suspicious. Not long after, the black combo packs were added to the department.

    I don’t follow the Cabela stuff either. But it does seem silly that one variation would sell like hotcakes and the other one would sell… 2 copies?

    Anything else you don’t know about? ;)

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