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November 22, 2008


’nuff said

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  • At 5:27 pm on November 23, 2008, adonis commented:

    “And I’m not the only dust my mother raised”? *looks up lyrics*… okay.. that’s what they said…

    I’m not sure what the counters mean on the other video. I know it says elapsed time at the end, but I’m not sure how time passes differently for each member of the band. Unless they’re only counting ‘screen time’ in which case the lead singer would have more…

    And I like first link more. More upbeat music and a nice video. A bit of a stretch for subject matter but I suppose there’s less appropriate music/image combos

  • At 1:03 am on November 24, 2008, Sheryl commented:

    Hey, at least it’s not the big 4-0. And take comfort in the knowledge, you will NEVER be as old as Dad!

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