Beautiful glider-rocker

Tuesday night, we picked up another Craig’s List bargain. A Nursing-Glider-Rocker and matching ottoman. Here’s the description from the posting…

Beautiful glider/rocker in great condition. Extremely relaxing, comfortable. Matching ottoman rocks also, or can be locked in still position. Glider also locks for child safety. Top of the line quality.

Pale buttercream (yellow) cushions and light colored wood.

(click to enlarge)

Now it’s not the one we originally wanted but at $125 for the set it was a very good deal. We’re also looking into getting it reupholstered. A friend who is also pregnant is going to get hers reupholstered for about $45 (plus the fabric). We’d like to get it done in micro-suede to match the rest of our furniture.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful glider-rocker

  1. Gliders are so nice. Way better than a rocking chair. Your wife and new baby will definitely appreciate it. Maybe even you too :-)

    archshrk responds: My ability to use it comfortably was a big stumbling block for choosing one. Even though it’s primarily for mommy and baby to nurse, I would like to be able to sit in it too. Like when I read to our son or just rock him to sleep or when he’s all grown up and we still have that piece of furniture. The other glider which we can’t afford is a little larger than this one, but ours is sufficient for our needs.

  2. Pretty. I have my mother’s old rocking chair, which I believe was my grandmother’s(on dad’s side). It has seen to many children’s happiness. I think rocking chairs and gliders should be in every happy home.


    Here’s to many happy years of enjoyment.

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