Baby Registries, oh my

We’ve begun the process of registering at the various places one sets up a baby registry. We’ve only just begun to add items but feel free to start shopping or to make suggestions or recommendations. It can be a bit overwhelming so anybody with a little experience can probably offer an idea about items we may have missed or problems with the things we’ve selected.

So far we have our Amazon Registry and our Babies”R”Us Registry. We will likely be adding individual items that are not available at either store but you can check out our Baby Registry page.

We have our ultrasound next week (July 26th) so after that, you can expect to find a plethora of rugged-boy or dainty-girl stuff plastered all over the registry (and our sites). And believe me, it’s been hard to resist the urge to add certain items already. Some things are just so darn cute (or cool) that you just got to have them. Even if you can’t use them. It’s bad enough I bought a pair of 12month old shark swim trunks – just in case.

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