As Seen on TV

As you probably already know, my wife Julia (aka PhotoJulia) really likes to take pictures. Every now and then, she will enter them into an online contest or photography group site or just make some really cool looking cards.

Recently, she uploaded a few to the local news station’s website for use in their weather segment. Not thinking much of it, we were pleasantly surprised to hear from a friend that they saw one of Julia’s pictures on this morning’s broadcast. Unfortunately, we don’t know which one.

So, rather than bite our nails wondering which one it was, I turn to you, my loyal-but-oddly-silent readers and ask – from the seven pictures below, which one would you select and why.

Keep in mind this was for the weather portion of the show but feel free to find other uses for your favorites.

2 thoughts on “As Seen on TV

  1. I think all of her photos should have been used on the weather segment. They’re beautiful. I just wish I could take photos like that.

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