Anthony and Vanessa

Please pray for our friends Anthony and Vanessa in New Jersey. Many of you may know Vanessa from the Burrito Sock Ministry. She brought her 3 children and sister’s 3 children to Kaleo and we even had a birthday party in the park for her youngest boy.We learned that her husband Anthony had what sounds like a stroke and is currently in a coma. His family is wanting to pull the plug but Vanessa is reluctant. This must be very hard for her and the children and we hope that the burden upon her shoulders right now is lifted and that she finds comfort in God during this difficult time.

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  1. Just wanted to add that I got a call from Vanessa today. Tony is still in a coma but is breathing on his own now. She wants to return to San Diego but I’m not sure that’s best for her right now. She and the kids need to stay close in case of any changes. Eventually the waiting may become too long but now is too soon. Plus she may benefit from being around his family. The kids are without a father figure and Tony’s dad may fill that role for them. We continue to pray for them all and hope for the best.

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