From Another Bag of Crap


  • Dimensions: 768 x 576

Cook fish, veggies, meats or fruit on a cedar plank right on your grill
100 percent natural untreated Western Red Cedar wood
Smokey cedar flavor from the plank is infused into the food when cooking
Plank grilled foods are moist and flavorful
Keeps your grill top clean, cooks directly on the cedar plank
Dimensions: (L) 12? x (W) 7? x (H) .375?
Weight- 1 plank: 6 oz
Environmentally Responsible – Planks are 100% natural Western Red Cedar from sustainable and renewable sources
Soak Plank: Submerge in water for 30 minutes to 3 hours
Grill: Arrange seasoned food on plank and place directly onto medium-low grill. No need to turn most foods. Cook to your preference
Planks will get hot
Keep a spray bottle of water nearby in case of flare-up. Don?t be alarmed, just spritz flame and continue grilling
Always keep an eye on the BBQ

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