All board the Poo Poo Train

Corbin is 3yrs 4mos old and has finally decided to use the potty. It’s partly our fault for not trying harder before now but he’s had no inclination what-so-ever to use the potty thus far so we didn’t push it. I don’t know if it’s the move to Sacramento or just the right time but Corbin has really taken to using the potty like a big boy lately. I think the number one motivation (to “go” consistently) is his weakness for all things pirate. At first we we offered him rewards just for using the potty but after seeing him quickly adapt to that, we had to revise our reward system. Stickers for trying and Mega Bloks Pyrate figures for going poo poo.

Corbin’s first real success happened on April 7th and he was so excited about it that he called to tell me about it (with mommy’s help). Prior to this call, he only went #1 on the potty.

In addition to physical rewards like stickers and Mega Bloks Pyrates for successful potty use (plus the occasional phone call), Corbin also gets to sing special songs like this one inspired by Choo Choo Soul

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