7 weeks

7 weeks – you know what that means?

Las Vegas Baby! That’s right, we conceived on the Grand Canyon Skywalk (just kidding honey) but that trip does correspond with our time line. So the first thing I learned about pregnancy is that seven weeks is known as menstrual weeks – as in, from your last menstrual cycle – not conception (which is typically two weeks later) So five weeks ago we were in Vegas to witness the historic “First Walk”. We were hopping it was Kauai but this just means we get to enjoy 38 of the 40 weeks with full knowledge of our baby (we first learned about it 3 weeks ago).


Our next appointment isn’t until the end of May and we won’t know the sex of our child until our July ultrasound. We want to know but have not agreed on whether we’ll let others know too. I’d like to keep that to ourselves. That way, we won’t be flooded with pink or baby blue until after the baby is born. Of course, anything we get before hand will be green and yellow and our child will outgrow all of that stuff pretty quick. So it may be pointless to resist. Besides, I’m not militant about the issue and will probably want to share that info too.

One thing we did confirm is that we are NOT having twins. Despite a recent premonition dream of a certain co-worker of mine (sorry Kathy). Our baby is only the size of a peanut and already has a heartbeat. All good stuff. Also, one of our good friends who recently had a child (with one on the way) asked her new mommies group if anyone had maternity clothes they could loan or donate and one woman gave us two large bags full of clothes. Julia is very pleased about that. Although I believe she does want to do a little shopping of her own, neither of us wants to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe. Our baby will be doing that enough for both of us. Anyways, it will be slow going as far as baby news goes so I’ll post about articles and links to cool websites to keep you informed. In the mean time, I look forward to all your tips and stories (and donations) as we experience the joy of pregnancy.

Oh, I almost forgot. Our due date is Dec. 19th, 2007 (make that Dec 12th)

4 thoughts on “7 weeks

  1. Lukie!! Thats great news! Congrats! :)
    (That was a typo on your name, hey what do you expect… I’m typing this really fast at WORK, but I like it and I think I’ll call you that from now on. :)

  2. Yes, this certainly is great news. And I will be praying that Julia has a healthy pregnancy and that archshrk junior will arrive safely on December 19th. Or who knows, you may end up with a very special Christmas present. :)

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