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Update: I finally called the number back to see what I could learn. Turns out the that when i call I get a message that states “Cox Communication San Diego Federal” and then goes on to say something like my number, the number I called, and then just rings for some time. So I called Cox Communications San Diego Federal. They were a little surprised about this. So they took my information and told me they would look into it. That is, they need to track down the department that number is for and see what’s going on with that number.

About 2 hours later, Adrianna called me back. She had talked with one of her IT telephone people and discovered that it was an auto-dialer number for their Credit Services Dept. But instead of connecting you with a service rep, it was connecting you with an unmanned phone line – thus the silence. At the time of our conversation, the issue had not been resolved but at least they were aware of it and could start working on the solution.

Now the Credit Services Dept. typically calls to discuss your account, status of payments and other such issues. So if you do get a call from 619-269-0041 you should call the Credit Service Dept at their correct number, 619-263-0736. I hope this helps.

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Set to ignore. Do not call.

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I’ve been getting hassled by someone calling me from the number above. The phone rings, I answer, nobody’s there. They call every few days and it’s the same thing. I’ve gotten to the point I recognize the number. So I took action.

Well, not so much action as a solution. I used to just send them straight to my voice mail, which worked out since they don’t leave messages either. But even just looking at my phone is a waste of time. So I came up with a solution. Custom ring tones. That way, I’ll know by the ring who it is and can ignore it right away.

So here’s the good news part. One of the custom ringtones I can use is “no ring”. Perfect. I won’t even know they called until I see the missed call message. Ideally, I’d be able to stop them from calling all together but until then, this will have to do. I did ask Verizon about this and this is their reply.

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless regarding your phone. My name is Robert, and I am happy to assist you.

I regret that due to the limitations of wireless technology, we do not have the option to block specific numbers from reaching your cell phone, short of changing your phone number. If these calls are producing only silence, they may have been produced by an autodialer for solicitation purposes. This sort of call can usually be blocked by including your number on the federal Do Not Call registry. To add your information, or file a complaint if you have already registered, visit http://www.donotcall.gov.

We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless products and services. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this e-mail.


Verizon Wireless
Customer Service

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  1. We had some call like that too. Since we changed to a VoIP service, we haven’t had any telemarketers calling us either. And at least you have that donotcall registry. I think our government is thinking of doing something like that too…

  2. I’ve had the same number calling me repeatedly – It is Cox Cable in San Diego and I’ve reported this number to them several times and it still continues to call my cell phone….I’ve even noted that other people are having the same issue but this does not seem to help.

  3. Got one and returned it. It now picks up at some low level cox service center (probably durring normal business hours only.)

    I was keen to get to the bottom of it since I had several high level open escallated to the NOC and Plant Services for resolution, and thought that may have been related since I recognized the COX exchange.

    Nothing so interesting, pretty much a cold sales call….account is up to date, my tickets showed up on their screens, and I got (and you should ask for) a promise to be removed from the marketing calls.

    The poor kid answering the phone seemed very well drilled in the returned calls response…

  4. wow, OCT 2nd 2008, Ive been dealing with this number for a year now, its only once a week, but yah Ive pretty much had it with the phone calls interupting me at work.

  5. If you have verizon wireless, you can definitely block the number(s). Log in to your account online, go to MY SERVICES, then click on Verizon Safeguards. From there, go to SPAM CONTROLS, and you can do the “call and message blocking”. I allows for up to 5 numbers to be blocked. The number is blocked for 3 months. Then it expires, but you can always re-block it if you’d like. Hope this helps :-)

  6. After reading this post, I called the number the first time they called me, and as you all say it was from customer service. I explained that I got a call from this number (619-269-0041) and they said it was a courtesy call from Cox inquiring if I’d be interested in other services. I said No thanks, and asked if I could be taking off the list. She transferred me to another number and I basically repeated myself. The girl who assisted me said “Okay, you’re off the list”.

    Next day, I get a call AGAIN at around the same time (11am or so). I was away from my phone at the time so I didn’t have a chance to answer. I didn’t call back that time. Later that same day at around 7pm I get yet ANOTHER call, and again, no voicemail left. I was determined to get to the bottom of things.

    I call back that number and again, tell them that the day before I’d asked to be taken off the list, and the man who was assisting me said that it usually takes about 48hrs for the request to go thru, but says it’s still weird that they’d call me twice in one day, so he transfers me to another CSA. I explain my problem to the second person, only to be transferred to yet ANOTHER customer service associate. Fortunately, she was a manager of some sort and after explaining the situation yet one more time, she reveals to me the real problem!!

    Turns out, they have a system that uses codes for customer service, so what the first girl had done was simply written a comment “Please don’t call this customer”, when in reality, in order to stop the phone calls, they have to go into a separate screen and choose codes for them not to call you. She apologized and said that they rarely get those requests, so even for her, being a manager, she had go to thru the list of codes used for those requests.

    She was very nice, and even asked me if I wanted to be taken off the “flyer” list, promotional emails, door-to-door offers, etc. I, of course, said YES!

    It’s been two weeks and the calls have stopped. So in a nutshell, I guess other than politely asking to speak to a manager, what you could do is ask that they input the code that Cox uses for do-not-call. I’m glad I was lucky enough to get a very helpful, friendly manager who was very nice and kept apologizing!


  7. It’s Cox marketing and if you don’t have their complete package, they’ll keep calling to sell you other services.

  8. Robert at Verizon is full of crap! I’m on the do not call list and these a-holes still call me. Also, there is a spam control section on MyVerizon where you can block numbers from calling. Robert is either a dumbass or lying thru his teeth.

    1. Well, in Roberts defense, this occurred over three years ago and the block caller feature was not available then. It is now, but not on all phones. As for the Do Not Call registry, it doesn’t apply to anyone who you have a business relationship with. Since you have a Verizon phone, they are allowed to contact you – especially regarding your account.

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