I’ve heard of a great study method that I’m going to try to maintain. I like to refer to it as 5-a-day. Basically, there are 150 Psalms, if you read 5 per day, then you’ll finish in 30 days, right. But don’t read 5 in a row. What ever day you start determines where you start. The key is that you’ll be able to remember where you left of by the date. SO here’s how it works. Today is November 18th so I start with Psalm 18, easy enough. Now add 30 and read Psalm 48. +30 is Psalm 78…108…138. There, five Psalms…18,48,78,108,and 138. If you miss a day just pick back up on the new days. Neat huh? Well, let me know if you give it a try. I’ll let you know how well I stick to it myself.

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