4 Month Update

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this…

Julia just posted about Corbin’s 4 Month Update

Today has been a day I have been looking forward to as well as dreading. It was my sons 4 month appointment. I love the part where they tell you all the stats, but I dread the shots.

Good stuff. She also has a post about the Women SEXpo you may like to check out. Either way, there’s something for everyone.

BTW – Corbin’s sitting in an Exersaucer we got from Corbin’s aunt and uncle.

One thought on “4 Month Update

  1. Remember Mommy and Daddy, he will thank you later for making him strong.

    You’re lucky. My son had to wait until he was nine months before I gave him a single shot. He was a teeny 5lb 11 oz 19 in at birth.
    He was about 16lbs then. He’s three now, nearly 30 lbs, and almost 36 in tall. Oh, and just recently got the last shot until school–DTP.
    He handles it better than they told me he would. One pediatrician at the hospital told me it was a cruelty to not start now. I saw him when my son got this last shot, and I told him that he takes it very nicely, and that doctors shouldn’t bully parents based on cookie-cutter information.

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