3 rules for buying gifts for women

My good friend (and co-worker) Mike recently shared his 3 rules for buying women gifts. Now this is sage advise that every man should follow when looking to purchase something special for someone special.

Rule #1
If you’re in a store and you feel comfortable – leave!

The idea here is you aren’t shopping for yourself, your shopping for her. If you walk into Sears and think “Hey, I’d bet she’d like…” you’re wrong. Few women ever want a Craftsman drill for Christmas.

Rule #2
If it has a function – forget about it

If it has two functions – run! She doesn’t want a vacuum or blender or 17-in-1 multi-tool that fixes everything. She wants diamonds, flowers or candy.

Rule #3
Whatever it is, it’s got to cause you pain.

This takes on many forms. For example, cost. If it cost $5000 it going to hurt (your pocketbook). If you climb Mt. Everest to collect a rare flower that grows once every two years, it’s going to hurt. If you stop at the Perfume counter and feel all squimish, that’s pain (see rule #1)

One thought on “3 rules for buying gifts for women

  1. As a woman and spokesperson for myself, I put forth this message to the man out there who may one day be called “my husband” -You may skip the diamonds and flowers, and head straight to the candy.

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