3 Navigators in Lebanon

Luke*, Ann, and Kate are the 3 Navigators who are part of our church family. They were in Lebanon on a missions trip. As you are aware, there has been a significant escalation in conflict over there. With significant bombings etc… Please be praying for them as they have taken the gospel and hope to this region in turmoil.

We received information about their situation and I wanted to share the latest…

This morning we were supposed to take a bus from the moutains of Lebanon to the Syrian border in order to escape the craziness in Lebanon. It did not show up because it was stuck in Jordon. We ended up calling two taxi’s to take us out. On our way, we had to turn and go another route because the one we were one was bombed. Praise the Lord we hadn’t taken the bus because we would have been near the place that was bombed.

Read more and keep updated by visiting the post over at the Kaleo forum.

*not me.

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