11:11 Prophesies

Recently, a friend of mine was asking about the 11:11 Prophesies. I heard about this before but had trouble finding info on the subject so I asked a good friend about it and he replied:

11:11 seems to be a “heightened spirituality” token of a trans-substantial interdigitating heterologous harbinger, indicium towards a unitarian augury of hegemenic proportion that yawps the sublime aphorism, “diversity is love”. and I’m not kidding.

The basic lowdown is that the number sequence 11:11 (also, 1:11) has some sort of spiritual significance. The reality of course is that you can find apparent significance in virtually any number sequence (see 9:11). what we’re really seeing is another form of idol worship. Idol worship is any worship not directed towards God. Now many will try to claim that these 11:11 patterns are signs from God. But nothing is scripture supports this. In fact, there are verses which warn against adding to the scriptures. But more disturbing is how people will pick and choose which parts of scripture they want in order to support their beliefs (eisegesis) rather than draw understanding from the text (exegeses).

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  1. I think this is one of the main dangers of both legalism and extreme liberalism. Legalism adds to God Word, while the latter takes from it. And both end up forming a god to their own likeness.

    As for the number sequence, I have not heard of this 11:11. Usually I am a little wary of such things, just as I am about those who use such formulas to predict Christ’s return.

  2. I think many people have numbers that ‘jump out’ at them for one reason or another (superstition or not). For example, I tend to see/notice 1711 (or combinations thereof) quite often. E.g. Looking at my watch, it may be 1:17 or 7:11. Or I may see a car number plate 1711. Not sure why these particular numbers always alert me (they don’t represent a birth date or anything familiar) … but I’ve heard others say they have a similar experience with other #s. (Michelle sent me, by the way).

  3. 11:1 in passages = ‘FAITH’

    Great Examples of Faith
    1 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

    1. @ Lauren, I’m not sure what connection you’re making between ‘Faith’ and the numbers 11:1. If you’re saying scripture verses 11:1 in the various books of the Bible are about faith, I think the connection is a bit weak. In some ways, you could show that all scriptures are about faith, if you cast it in a specific light. (side note: all of scripture points to the redemptive work of Christ)

      Maybe your comment was cut short, so if I am missing something, please explain.

  4. 11:11 1:11…. is in my life constantly. I pulled into the Mass General parking lot, and the parking space number 111. Then turned my car off, sat for a minute and turned it on to make sure what time it was so I would not be late for my appt. 11:11……came back f/my appt, and go in and turned on the car and it was 1:11. I got on the road to the turnpike and there was 111 miles of range on my gas range meter. So then when I get home, go to sleep, and was awakened by a large crash? Who knows ..came out to see what time it was….11:11…….I went to the gym that morning, and came home to get my dog to take him out, and looked at the clock and yes 11:11 am. Now come on,,, this has gone on and on and on for months, or longer. I have now begun writing, a quick note in a notebook when it happens. I have prayed on it, and given it to GOD. SO…….I believe that it is either GOD speaking to me thru numbers, or has alerted me to research Scripture regarding how I am feeling at those times? Or………is it coincidence? How could it be? Maybe it is January 1, 2011? or January 11, 2011 (1/11/11) or 1/1/11? Not sure, but it has happened so often, it is not be coincidence anymore.

  5. I would like to say that I have a 10 year old blind child who has always had an obsession with 11 and 11 11. She is so excited to be turning 11 in 2011. Like, who needs a sweet 16. It has no signifigance other then she has always been drawn to it. But it is cute how often I catch the combo on the clock and smile. It is kind of my God’s Wink! ;-)

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