?And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

How can you resist a title like this? I mean come on! it has a certain poetic morbidity to it. I’m not sure if the dead are their own people (Bataan Death March) or their enemies (Mongol Hordes). Turns out it’s just some band’s name.


So anyway, this was the author’s name of a recent spam comment. Not their comment, which simply said “good”, but their name. So I broke the number one rule of comment spam and followed the link. Not much to report there. It was “Just another WordPress” blog that had no posts but if you go to the root domain (domain.spam/And+You+Will+Know+Us+by+the+Trail+of+Dead) I found something very interesting.

You know how when you get email spam or comment spam and the body is just a bunch of random words, like some form of spam libs? Well this site was nothing but a bunch of those kind of pages. Not WordPress pages or blog pages but your basic, classic HTML (with frames). Just the bare minimum. And the only links were those to the index (alphabet directory), a site map (lists all the pages – band names) and a few other pages from the site itself. I don’t really see the purpose of this but I suspect this is a tool for generating the spam comments and emails we see floating around the internet.

So here’s my challenge to you…write a post with this title and see if you can generate more traffic to your site. I figure if the spammers are using us to generate traffic, we can use them to do the same. The post can be related to the title or not, make sense or not, or simply be your favorite picture. Whatever you do, see how much traffic comes to that post and let me know how it goes. That’s how I generated traffic for posting about how Our Store is Your Cureal.

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  1. Meh. Too much like work. But I wonder if the site you visited was more of a beginner’s effort, with More To Come.

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