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Jean-Baptiste Jung of CatsWhoCode created WpVote on August 2008 to be the ?Digg site for WordPress fanatics?. After resolving some issues and relaunching/rebuilding the site, he now has what he dreamed of – a social bookmarking site for everything related to WordPress, from hacks to news and more. And right now, he’s offering a premium WordPress theme via a promotional contest. Just follow this link for more info.

WpVote contest: Win WordPress premium themes!

Now a word about premium themes. I don’t like them. Mostly because free is always better but also, most bloggers don’t need them, and those that do, can usually modify free ones to suit their needs. However, there are some distinct advantages of premium themes that you may want to consider. Taken from Gabfire.com

Advantage #1: Time

One of the biggest advantages that WordPress premium themes have is their time factor. Because you are actually willing to pay for the theme, the person that has created the theme is generally able to put quite a bit more time into what they do. The end result of this extra time commitment is a higher quality.

Advantage #2: Uniqueness

Another advantage that some premium WordPress themes bring to the table is their uniqueness. In other words, some WordPress themes will allow you to purchase them and in doing so remove that theme from consideration by anyone else. Not all do that however, but even those themes will have a lot less to do with the original creator of the theme.

Advantage #3: Seriousness

One final advantage worth considering from the premium WordPress themes is the sense of seriousness that they bring to the table. You have to pay for premium WordPress themes, but that extra cash incentive might be just what you need to get going on a blog project that could easily become a nice business for you in the long run.

Now I admit that I’m not in a position to purchase a premium theme, I could still put one to good use. Not here mind you, but over at Blogogetics.com which I want to develop into a proper site. Also, Sharkitecture.NET could use some professional help but that needs more content to determine the look and feel of that site.

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  1. BTW, if you follow the link and read the comments, you’ll notice I’m having trouble with basic comment spelling and formatting. Just a reminder to slow down and check your work. That’s why I offer my users the quicktags and really like the ones that let you edit your own comments. Off to find a plugin…

  2. Hey you….

    Dang. You already caught it. Sortof.

    Of course, a blanket statement of “some of the proceeding my be spelt wrong” is a bit of a vague cop out. :p

    I’ll say it anyway — “possition” ?

  3. Actually, I was referring to the comments I left on the CatsWhoCode site. But thanks for catching my errors here. At least I can fix these ones.

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