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Well, it looks like WordPress 2.2 is out (just after I upgraded from 2.1.2 to 2.2.3) and has lots of new and improved features. Of course I won’t install it here ntil I verify which plugins work and don’t work with the new version but I may upgrade one of my other sites just to kick the tires.

Here’s a bit of the changes in the latest version of WordPress to help you get all excited. There are lots of other changes which may or may not affect you and your site but be sure and check the forums and backup your site before upgrading. You don’t want one little issue to take down your whole site when you can simply wait a few days for a fix to be issued.


* WordPress Widgets allow you to easily rearrange and customize areas of your weblog (usually sidebars) with drag-and-drop simplicity. This functionality was originally available as a plugin Widgets are now included by default in the core code, significantly cleaned up, and enabled for the default themes.
* Full Atom support, including updating our Atom feeds to use the 1.0 standard spec and including an implementation of the Atom Publishing API to complement our XML-RPC interface.
* A new Blogger importer that is able to handle the latest version of Google?s Blogger product and seamlessly import posts and comments without any user interaction beyond entering your login.
* Infinite comment stream, meaning that on your Edit Comments page when you delete or spam a comment using the AJAX links under each comment it will bring in another comment in the background so you always have 20 items on the page. (I know it sounds geeky, but try it!)
* We now protect you from activating a plugin or editing a file that will break your blog.
* Core plugin and filter speed optimizations should make everything feel a bit more snappy and lighter on your server.
* We?ve added a hook for WYSIWYG support in a future version of Safari.

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  1. Luke, I’m going to switch finally to the latest version and a new theme. Any suggestions as to how to make the upgrade seamless? It never seems to work the way I exactly want it to go.

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