WordPress 2.0 Released!

WordPress 2.0 was released today and there will be much rejoicing. OK may not but a lot of people have eagerly awaited its official release. Most of the changes occur “under the hood” so don’t expect a lot of visual differences. However, after a couple of months you should see a lot of plugins that take advantage of the new version.

Now you may be asking yourself “why do I care?” Simply put, I use WordPress to run this site. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to upgrade this site for a while. Rather than risk breaking my site, I will play around on one of my less than active sites and see how it goes. But if you’re just itching to get started, then Start Here and good luck.

P.S. There seems to be a problem with Trackbacks. See comments below.

6 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0 Released!

  1. 2.0 intrigues me, but I think – for once – I’ll go slow, see how things unfold. Or unravel, as the case may be.

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