Wii Weight Loss Plan

April 1, 2007 6 By archshrk

A friend of mine from the Inktank forums has started the Wii Weight Loss Plan and has already starting to get some press coverage.

J.R. Cook (aka Normalguy) has developed a plan to lose 80 pounds by eating better and using his Wii game system as a workout tool All with the Nutrisystem Reviews – four reasons why you should try this plan.

The idea behind Wiiweightlossplan.com came to me the first day that I had received and started playing my Nintendo Wii back in early January. I knew after a couple hours of playing Wii Sports (and a few sore muscles later) that this gaming system could really be a good workout and could probably help me get back into shape. Best of all though, it was FUN.

You can learn more about his plan and his progress by visiting his site. If you’ve never played Wii Sports, let me just assure you that you do get a workout.