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So one of the benefits of working where I do is that they offer bonuses for certain accomplishments. Accomplishments like getting your architect’s license (done) and LEED AP accreditation (June 26?). But the current economic situation has been really hard on our industry. Many clients don’t have money for construction and those that do, are holding off until things look a little safer. Schools for example have money for construction (bonds) but can’t spend it on staff salaries. And since it would look bad to build new schools while laying off teachers, well… things are drying up for us. So much so that we’ve layed off several staff over the past year and even recently had a temporary 10% salary cut. But despite that, my firm saw fit to honor their promise to pay out my bonus for getting licensed. And with that bonus, I became a Wii player.

Personally, I’m a computer gamer and often play casino games on https://www.usgamblingsites.com/poker/ and also win cash. I like the flexibility and range of options that using a keyboard and mouse offer and it is more comfortable for me, especially with my larger hands. Plus, almost all games eventually make it to PC regardless of original gaming platform. But there is something to be said for console gaming that can’t be said for PC gaming. Group play. Yes, you can set up a LAN game or play over the internet but playing together in the same room on a larger screen is easier with game consoles.

But why did I choose a Nintendo Wii when there are great games, great game play and great features on XBOX 360 and PSP3? Simple – I’m obese. That’s right, obese. At least according to the current BMI calculations the health industry uses. Now no one outside the health industry would agree but despite that, I am out of shape, have trouble keeping up with active children, and don’t like the way my belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. But I also don’t like to exercise for those very same reasons. But I do like the cardio-vascular exercise I get with Wii sports. And when you add Wii FIT to your routine, watch out! No seriously, watch out. I get all sorts of crazy swinging my hips, jumping in the air and flailing about the room. But I also sweat, a lot. My heart races and my muscles ache. So I know its working – and I keep coming back for more.

There are other games that provide similar workouts like EA Sports Active, Punch-Out!! and Rayman Raving Rabbids (which is more of a party game) that I want to get but for now, I’ll work with what I have. Besides, some of those games require more controllers and other accessories which I don’t have yet. But I do have internet connection so we can play other Wii owners and exchange Mii characters. Check out WiiWeightLossPlan.com for more on working out with the Wii including better eating tips.

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  1. But I also sweat, a lot. My heart races and my muscles ache. So I know its working – and I keep coming back for more.

    Or it’s your body’s way of telling you that you are on death’s door and stop before it kills you ;)

    My workout ‘plan’ was involuntary. They leave me the keys to the department I’m working in (Electronics) and go to the back of the store (lockup or receiving) so I have to run around after *all* the customers – ring them through, open game cabinets, find movies etc…

    I’ve noticed that a lot of Wii games are ending up (or starting in) the bargain bin now. It’s not always apparent from the box how much of a workout you will/won’t get playing it – so I’d suggest searching YouTube for “Playing ” and seeing how active it is.


  2. (Top of Page)

    Your methods are stupid; your progress has been stupid; your intelligence is stupid!


  3. As for the games…I don’t only want workout games but some are better than others. Monkey Mayhem is not Raymon Rabbid that’s all I’m sayin’

  4. The “description” is a random quote from Invader Zim.

    Sadly, I only have “FarmerVisionâ„¢” (3 channels) and don’t get to watch most of the good shows (outside of YouTube).

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