Who’s Big Baby

When Toy Story 3 came out I took my son, Corbin, to see it in the theater – a real Father-Son experience, or so I thought. I guess he was still too young to appreciate a full length movie. When it came out on DVD/Blu-ray we tried again but that’s when I found out why he didn’t love it.

The screaming monkey with the symbols. It kind of freaked him out. So we didn’t watch it together again until the other night. I think the Flying Woot monkey helped ease his concerns and he told me that when it comes on (the monkey) he’ll just go like this and proceeded to cover his eyes.

So after confirming that he did indeed want to watch it and that he was OK with the screaming monkey and all we put it and hit play. Everything went well until I went to the kitchen for a couple minutes. And that’s when this part came on.

When I came back I asked what was wrong and he kept saying “the baby lost his arm” until I realized he was saying “…lost his heart” (referring to the heart shaped name tag. He was inconsolable the rest of the night and had to sleep with a baby doll we had just to keep from crying. He may be a pirate on the outside but Corbin is very empathetic with Big Baby.

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