What’s your favorite Swayze moment?

With the passing of Patrick Swayze on Monday, you can be sure to expect a lot of tributes to start poping up all over television and the internet and this is no exception. Well it is an exception in that it won’t be as good as the others. I’m just glad I already got my copy of Red Dawn before they jack up the prices on everything Swayze.

I will admit here and now that I enjoyed Dirty Dancing and Ghost and find them both worthy of adding to my DVD collection even if they seem a bit dated and cheesy. That’s half the fun. I didn’t enjoy the SNL Chippendale’s skit with Chris Farley but that’s because I don’t like Chris Farley, Patrick was a good sport for doing it. He’s had a lot of different roles so I’m sure there’s something you’ve like. For me, it’s Red Dawn (and To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar)

Red Dawn starring Patrick Swayze

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