What’s being copied from your site?

A new feature on archshrk.com (and my other sites). You put a lot of effort into creating interesting content for your site. And when someone copies and pastes it into their blog or website, you should know about it. That’s where Tynt Tracer comes in.

Each time users highlight or copy/paste content from your site, we record that user action and the copied content giving you unique insight into how users engage with your site. You learn exactly what content users are interested in. Page Views and Time Spent on Site are only part of the engagement story – when a user is moved to take action on your site, you know they are impacted by that content.

Tracer tracks and displays content that was copied from your site (including images) and adds a link to text that was pasted from your site back to your site. While this will do little to stop content theft, it will inform you of what content people find worthy of copying. And if they are too lazy to delete the link back to your site (or find the link convenient) then you get the added bonus of extra traffic to your site where you may normally go un-credited.

What the video for more information…

2 thoughts on “What’s being copied from your site?

  1. Interesting. I’ve seen a few things that supposedly help against the plagiarism.

    This site is ‘protected’ by Copyscape

    But doing a search for that page shows many results that are word-for-word (spelling mistakes and all). Probably more if you search for a large chunk of text in “s (which is all copyscape seems to be)

    I suppose you have to respond to it….

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