What to pack for the hospital when you go into labor

October 8, 2007 6 By archshrk

Below is a list of items you should remember to pack for the hospital when you go into labor. This list was found in the Johnson?s – Mother & Baby book, which is proving to be a very wonderful and useful resource for Julia and I as we prepare for our first child. You can find more useful baby information on Julia’s site.


* 2-3 old nightgowns, a couple baggy t-shirts, and a bathrobe
* 2-3 nursing bras
* Breast pads
* Slippers
* Several pairs of underwear, either cotton or disposable
* Toiletries: toothbrush and toothpaste, washcloth, towel, brush, hair ties, face cream, shower gel, shampoo, makeup, small mirror, perfume
* Plastic bags for dirty clothes
* Clothes to wear home
* Snacks for you and your partner
* Magazines, books, or other diversions
* 2 copies of your birth plan
* Health insurance and hospital preregistration information


* Stretchies and suitable nightwear
* Undershirt
* Sweater or coat and a hat to come home in, depending on the weather
* Blanket

***Remember that you must install a rear-facing infant seat into the car in which you are bringing the baby home

Father: Update – some deliveries take a while and if there are complications, you may be there for a few days.

* A change of clothes
* Drinks and snacks
* Change for the public telephone or a phone card. You cannot use your cell phone inside the hospital because it interferes with equipment
* Telephone numbers for friends and family to let them know the good news
* Camera and film, or video camera
* Wipes to refresh hands and face
* A bag with basic toiletries

Extra comfort aids for labor (check with your doctor to make sure you can bring these extra items with you)

* Soothing images for use in labor, such as photographs of loved ones, or relaxing places you?ve visited on vacation
* An extra pillow or pillows
* A CD player and CD?s of relaxing music, plus spare batteries
* A cassette player and books on tape plus spare batteries or IPod
* A thick pair of socks
* A hot water bottle for pain relief
* A journal
* A big box of tissues
* Lip balm
* A spray bottle, filled with cool water to spray your face
* A pregnancy book with highlighted pages for easy reference on medications, birthing positions, etc. that will help you make quick decisions in the delivery room if your doctor asks

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