What should I bring to the hospital when I go into labor

We are only days away from delivering our second child and I am reminded of the need to be prepared. There are several things I want to do that I just haven’t gotten around to. Like printing my list of scripture to read to Julia during and after delivery, making sure I have plenty of podcasts and songs to listen to while in the hospital, reviewing our birthing plan and Making sure I have everything packed for when we go to the hospital.

Below is a list of items we found in the Johnson?s – Mother & Baby book, which has proven to be a very wonderful and useful resource for us as we prepared for our first (and now second) child. Not everything on this list may apply to you, but its pretty thorough and may remind you of things you forgot or didn’t think about.

One key thing that we learned from our first child is that everything needs to fit in one bag. Most women describe the countless hours they spent in labor, passing the floors, changing possitions, and trying anything to get some relief and to “help” the baby start coming. But for us, and some of you even, this process may be very short, too short to make a second trip to the car (for example). So if you do need two bags, make sure you divide them up based on short or long delivery. That way, if you don’t get back to your car, you’re still covered. You can find additional baby information (from a mother’s perspective) on Julia’s site.


* 2-3 old nightgowns, a couple baggy t-shirts, and a bathrobe
* 2-3 nursing bras
* Breast pads
* Slippers
* Several pairs of underwear, either cotton or disposable
* Toiletries: toothbrush and toothpaste, washcloth, towel, brush, hair ties, face cream, shower gel, shampoo, makeup, small mirror, perfume
* Plastic bags for dirty clothes
* Clothes to wear home
* Snacks for you and your partner
* Magazines, books, or other diversions
* 2 copies of your birth plan
* Health insurance and hospital preregistration information


* Stretchies and suitable nightwear
* Undershirt
* Sweater or coat and a hat to come home in, depending on the weather
* Blanket

***Remember that you must install a rear-facing infant seat into the car in which you are bringing the baby home

Father: Some deliveries take a while and if there are complications, you may be there for a few days.

* A change of clothes
* Drinks and snacks
* Change for the public telephone or a phone card. You cannot use your cell phone inside the hospital because it interferes with equipment
* Telephone numbers for friends and family to let them know the good news
* Camera and film, or video camera
* Wipes to refresh hands and face
* A bag with basic toiletries

Extra comfort aids for labor (check with your doctor to make sure you can bring these extra items with you)

* Soothing images for use in labor, such as photographs of loved ones, or relaxing places you?ve visited on vacation
* An extra pillow or pillows
* A CD player and CD?s of relaxing music, plus spare batteries
* A cassette player and books on tape plus spare batteries or IPod
* A thick pair of socks
* A hot water bottle for pain relief
* A journal
* A big box of tissues
* Lip balm
* A spray bottle, filled with cool water to spray your face
* A pregnancy book with highlighted pages for easy reference on medications, birthing positions, etc. that will help you make quick decisions in the delivery room if your doctor asks.

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