What does “HT” mean?

I’ve recently noticed a trend, especially on the theological blogs I read, that the post ends with something along the lines of “HT: Mike Croghan” but what does that mean? I figured it was some newspaper way of giving credit to another source, kind of like “-30-” was a newspaper way of saying “End of Article” and “SIC” means “I know it’s miss-spelled (or used incorrectly) but that’s how I found it”

Anyway, turns out that the HT: Person’s Name or Site was a way of referencing the author’s source of the story. Specifically, Where they first heard about it. For example, while I learned what HT means from Mike Croghan, I actually first saw it while reading Sam’s blog – Gospel Prism. So what does HT mean? Literally, it means “Hat Tip” as in a “tip of the hat” to the person who first told you about that story you’re blogging about.

But if I’m to use this correctly, neither Mike nor Sam get the “HT” (proper) since Sam didn’t tell me about it’s meaning and I searched for it to find Mike. But that’s OK, because I linked to them both within my own post which is my way of giving a Hat Tip to each.

So can you expect to find “HT: link” at the end of my posts? Not likely. I prefer to come right out and say; “I found this on [external site]” within the context of the post. But just in case you do see it here or somewhere else, now you know what it means.

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  1. im not look looking for HT:Whoever, im wondering what it means for map directions, ive seen it in this hand carved picture of a lighthouse saying where it is located but i have never heard of it and still cant find what it means

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