What a difference a year makes

Like many bloggers, I’m obsessed with my visitor traffic. And like many bloggers, I use Statcounter.com for free web traffic reporting. My traffic from yesterday vs. a year ago yesterday is very revealing.


Tuesday, January 30th 2007
51 Page Loads – 31 Unique Visitors
Wednesday, January 30th 2008
313 Page Loads – 227 Unique Visitors

The real turning point for my site came in March. The site started getting more traffic that month and on on March 20th, 2007 saw a major spike. That was the day the Grand Canyon Skywlk had it’s ceremonial “First Walk” (which I attended) But due to the extra press coverage and my previous coverage (including pictures) I was an unofficial authority. At least good enough for the search engines.

So what did my stats look like that day?

March webstats 2007

Tuesday, March 20th 2007
1,098 Page Loads – 815 Unique Visitors

Even getting linked on Slate.com didn’t generate that much traffic. But Slate.com will have a more lasting effect on my web traffic.

P.S. That dip in my stats around June 21st…I had removed the tracking code from my site by accident.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes

  1. Good question. I honestly hadn’t though about that.

    I think that keeping with my current market strategy (that is, blog about whatever nonsense comes to mind) I should double my site traffic stats by this time next year. Can’t say the same for my returning visitor count though.

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