We caught you naked archshrk!

This is very disturbing and on so many levels. In other related spam news…

Yes, the title of this post is a recent addition to my spam inbox subject lines. I’ve been seeing this one a lot lately and it is quickly becoming one of the new spam favorites, starting to dislodge the cheap drugs, OEM software and “enlarging” aids.

Having a website tends to expose you to email junk since there are various ways to harvest your email – even if you’re extra careful. Unfortunately, one mistake can ruin all your efforts. Case in point – GreatAmericanPhotoContest.com (hereafter GAPC).

Let me be perfectly clear. They are HARVESTING YOUR EMAIL AND SMS.

Basically, you enter the contest with all sorts of information, then you get your friends and family to go vote for your baby’s picture – thus causing them to sign-up. Almost immediately, you are bombarded with spam emails from the GAPC and it’s “partners” which all claim to have opt-out and unsubscribe features. Forget about it. While those ones may stop emailing you, al their affiliates continue to email you and don’t associate themselves with GAPC.

You may say, “Yes, but how can you be certain that they are all from this one source. After all, I get spam everyday”. Simple, we used one of Julia’s email addresses for this “Entry” Typically, we use our main address which gets it’s own spam. So it’s quite clear what the source of the spam is.

If you’re a Gmail user, then I suggest you follow this simple trick to help track your email spam.

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