We all scream…

On Wednesday, we were over at a friends house and because it was their birthday the next day we all celebrated with some ice cream. Now this was Corbin’s first experience with an ice cream cone so he didn’t even know how to eat it. Julia had to show him and even then he was a little uncertain about how to lick an ice cream cone. Eventually he got into and was enjoying the ice cream like any kid would.

You can see in the video the tentative licking but the ice cream on his face shows that he was making progress. Unfortunately, that excitement you see in the video eventually led to the end of the ice cream as he inadvertently launched the remaining ice cream onto the ground in a fit of gleeful shaking. He didn’t seem too disappointed though. I just told him to focus on eating the cone now. I guess I should have been more specific because he turned the cone upside down to eat the pointy end and the melted ice cream that remained pour out onto the floor just after we had cleaned up the ice cream scoop that he had shaken free.

Note to self: don’t turn of the video too soon or you’ll miss the best parts.

3 thoughts on “We all scream…

  1. Judging by the the way he said “Cheeeeeeeese” not his first experience with a camera. (Duh?)

    Have you done the whole infinite recursive – looking at an album of looking at at album yet?

  2. Awwww…He looks like he’s having fun. While I find it absolutely adorable, my mother always hated my photos of my wee one all covered in ice cream. The looks they give when eating it…priceless memories!

    Speaking of, my wee one wants to know when he can come over here and play! ^_^ Pirates and Ghostbusters away!

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