Walnut Creek or bust – I choose option three

You may recall from a few months ago that I took my CSE Oral Exam and it didn’t go well. If you forgot, here’s the highlight.

Walnut Creek or bust
So a few weeks back, I got my results and I missed it by that much. Sad, deflated and annoyed, I quickly signed up for the next available exam. Bad news, the first choice on the list is February in Northern California, the good news, a second chance to meet with Sam. And this time I will stay the night…

Unfortunately, that won?t happen either as I just got my confirmation and I?m scheduled for the May exam in Southern California. But this way, I won?t have to travel. In the mean time, I think I?ll get my Arizona License and study for the LEED accreditation.

disneyland_marqueeThat didn’t happen either. Instead, I got a call today from the California Architects Board (who administers the exam) and since I checked that little box that said I’d like an earlier day if one becomes available, they asked if I wanted to take the CSE in Anaheim at the end of January. Of course I said yes.

Moving my exam date up four months does kind of put a bit of pressure on me to study over the next thirty days but at least I have a study-buddy to help me stay on track. A colleague of mine is taking the CSE the same time I am, so we’ll help each other study. We may even be able to carpool depending on our actual test days and times.

Then again, we may just have to stay an extra day and Visit Disneyland. After all, Corbin’s one inch away from riding the Matterhorn. I’m sure he’ll be big enough by then.

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