Walk2Web spam

Update: The url now redirects you to some rusian language site which pretty much means it’s spam (or worse)

I found this new site that shows sites and the relationships they have to other sites. Not really sure how it all works (or why) but it looks really cool. So go on over to Walk2Web and check it out. While you’re there, feel free to give my site a “thumbs up” rating. If you leave a comment here about what you thought, I’ll return the favor.

Walk2Web, created by San Jose-based Siteheart, uncovers new places on the web in a similar simple fashion to that of StumbleUpon but has its own gimmicky twist. Instead of stumbling, a user is presented a slide-show of random web site screen-shot thumbnails. Upon clicking on one of the site screen-shots a user is shown a visual representation of the related sites and a user can “walk” to other related sites. In addition a user can type in a direct URL to “walk” the web.

2 thoughts on “Walk2Web spam

  1. Something I’ll check into soon. I’ve been a stumbler for almost two years but hardly use it anymore. No complaints, just very little time for internetting beyond my usual haunts.

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