Upgrades a’comin

Upgrades are coming for my webhost. No, I’m not moving hosting companies again. This time they are doing the moving. or rather, changing my hosting platform…

It is essential that we upgrade our platform regularly in order to maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure and provide you with the best hosting performance and security.

Please be advised that we shall be upgrading our Linux platform to a Debian Etch based operating system. The upgrade will start 3rd March 2008, however, you shall receive the specific date and time of your migration in a separate email.

You are receiving this email because your web space contains self-compiled / third-party binary files, which may no longer function properly following the upgrade. For your applications to continue running flawlessly and for you to take full advantage of the upgrade, you may have to make a few configuration changes. These modifications usually take a short while.

My problem (and this affects you) is I don’t know if my binary files will be affected. Time to do some slothing…

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