Upgrade Attempt – Part 2

Later this week (or over the weekend) I will try to upgrade my WordPress and Gallery2 installs (again). I tell you this because as you may recall, I had trouble doing this last time and it took quite a bit of effort to restore the site to it’s former glory. In the event of another blog-out please remain calm. The site will return to it’s upright and locked position…opps, wrong speach. Anyway, I hope to have better luck this time. If not, then it will have to wait until I move to the other hosting company (which I’m not eqager to do).

Also, the site may be down next weekend (June 24th) as my current hosting company is migrating my site to a new serving platform.

2 thoughts on “Upgrade Attempt – Part 2

  1. I found a couple *really* annoying problems with WordPress 2.0.3, editing comments and links. Any ‘ or ” characters in say, an edited comment got updated as ‘ and “. After much aggravation and searching I found this link with a plug-in to “fix” the 2.0.3 quirks:

    Downloading and installing the plug-in after getting 2.0.3 up and running might save you a little grief.

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