Updates, plugins and more

So I spent a few moments this morning updating my WordPress installs on various sites I manage (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and I must say that the WordPress Automatic Upgrade has been a life saver and, more importantly, a time saver.

It takes about 20 minutes to update each WP install using traditional FTP methods but with WPAU, it only takes a couple of minutes. So I tell you this now, go and download the plugin and use it before your next WP upgrade.

Note: one site did not upgrade successfully so I had to manually upgrade but 1 out of 6 is better than 6 out of 6, right.

Mobile Phones and iPhones

Additionally, I’m constantly trying to improve my site’s usability and accessibility. That’s why I’ve installed two plugins for mobile devices. One is for the older phone browsers called WordPress Mobile Edition*, the other is for Apple iPhones called WPtouch iPhone Theme. Both work in the same way by changing the way your sites look on various mobile devices (using php and stylesheets)

Unfortunately, I can’t tell if they work very well since I don’t have internet on my phone and I don’t have an iPhone either. If you do, let me know how the site looks and what phone you’re using.

Check out all the plugins I use on my About page.

*Update: I switched to Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition due to some incompatibilities between the other plugin and my web host which I didn’t think were features worth “fixing”.

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