Understanding My Brute

Not that long ago I mentioned joining a new (to me) online game – MyBrute. The premise is simple, you create your brute (random appearance) and fight other brutes to gain experience. Bonuses are awarded as you level up (also random). The fight is automated so you simply watch the Brutes battle it out and hope you win.

Now there seems to be some strategy when it comes to sellecting your opponents but I haven’t tested it enough to say it is absolute. Anyway, I bring this up to let you know that if you have wondered about all those bonuses (weapons, skills, pets) you can learn more about them at Gamer Toolz.

If you’ve never played before, click here and create a brute to fight me (and become my pupil). You’ll lose, but you’ll see what I’m talking about (and I’ll get more experience points). One note before you start, there is no help option and once you create your brute, you’re stuck with it (no changes can be made). Also, be sure and create a password so no one else can play your brute.

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