U-Shaped Steel Structure of The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West Prepared for Placement

Structure Jacked Seven Feet in the Air Just 20 Feet from the Canyon?s Edge


The ?U? shaped steel structure, which will support the glass floor and side rails for The Skywalk, was lifted off the ground seven feet during the phase of the construction that prepares the walkway for placement. The construction team jacked up the structure eight inches at a time and it took two days to complete. The structure was lifted to allow for the x-ray evaluation of the welds and to make room for the concrete runways for the ?rollout? process. Once this phase of the construction is complete, the structure is lowered, the glass is placed and the final preparations for the ?rollout? will be made. The ?rollout? is expected to take place in mid to late February.

The Skywalk is a partnership between the Hualapai tribe and entrepreneur David Jin of Las Vegas. The design team includes Las Vegas-based MRJ Architects and Lochsa Engineering, LLC. Saint Gobain manufactured the glass in Germany and Austria. The steel was manufactured by Mark Steel in Utah.

Grand Canyon West is located approximately 120 miles east of Las Vegas, NV, and 72 miles northwest of Kingman, AZ. Attractions available at Grand Canyon West include The Indian Village with authentic dwellings, The Hualapai Market, and The Hualapai Ranch, a western town with horseback and wagon rides. Grand Canyon West is the only location throughout the entire Grand Canyon where visitors can access the river and water recreation activities at the bottom of the canyon via helicopter tours. For more information and how to purchase visitor packages, log on to www.destinationgrandcanyon.com or call 1(877) 716-WEST (9378).

2 thoughts on “U-Shaped Steel Structure of The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West Prepared for Placement

  1. Let me see I’m I have this right. You’re going to be able to walk across the Grand Canyon on glass? I’m not sure if I can handle the thought of doing something like that!!!

  2. No, no. You get to walk out OVER the Grand Canyon on glass – not across. It’s a lot like walking out on the High Dive – only higher and hopfully with less dive.

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